Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inspired by the Paintings of Joseph Clarke

In that land
the Invisible Land
time is a perpetual dusk of tired souls
full of unknown dreams
that have only ever glimpsed love

and did you, did you have the strength

in that Loveless Place, the realm below our feet
inhabited by things yet unformed
a radiant bird of gold
out of reach
It wasnt Icarus that learnt the lesson
it was the Sun that wept
as he lay burnt
but he had the trust of a child

and do you, do you still have the trust

they say in that land above, our egos roam
and we choose to live well or selfishly
many sugared with a dogma that fills in every gap
but some still know the voice that calls them in dreams

and do you, do you still dream
still turn their faces to a hidden language

a thousand times there my cries fell like rain
nourishing nothing
saltwaters of disturbance through the processions
Look at what I was
a shadow in form
one step behind
I was a place visited

I used to hear the ocean in my ear a song from a distant shell
then one day I went to her
dared to be lost
and swam into the deep watercolours of Life

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