Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trees at Midnight

Let's look at the trees at midnight
and remember who we are
let us try
outline our bodies upon those huge trunks
and wonder at the stars being so far from this ground

Who are we
in this spin of a world
this senseless rotation
what did Venus whisper at the moment of our birth
how were the trees then

Let's retrace our nameless selves
finger to finger
a dance of being
Beings of wonder
dancing with Love

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Unsaid

The woman appeared from the dark street
as old as the night, clad in black
'I have nothing, doctor,' she said

My heart stopped as I dropped through time and space

'I will give you my bones, as much as they can sustain you. Here is my blood so that it gives you new life. I will tear my soul's path to place it in your direction. That which is mine can be yours.'

All this I did not say
I walked by silent
The pleas of the countless
the anguish of the living
the impossibilities of the poor