Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Constant

Meeting with you is like a light
giving beauty in the evening's hour
bringing dreams into being
for when I am yours I am who I was supposed to be
all this life

Do not leave me now
for if you would my world will be without god

How I long to see you tonight
and all I can do is speak to the stars
to tell you that I am waiting

kissing the sky
pulsing my body into the night's velvet touch

see me arising into your arms

In Our Other Lives

If you would come now
I would kiss you
stroke your hair, gaze at you
surrender like liquid as you put your mouth on my breast
and fingers soft, then like heat rose up inside me

I would open my mouth to receive the communion of you
put my lips around your hardness
gasp as you pushed into me
awakening sacredness

I would move my mouth towards yours
as you held my hair, kissing me over and over

I would pray as you put your divinity at the beginning of me
with your still, hot breath held a fraction from my face

and after, like a kitten in your arms, as we lay
I would be this forever

and in our other world
in our other lives

this is what we are

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Cracked Harvest

this magic of night and electric chances
stroking my own lips to remember what it is to kiss
I see his face turn, that moment of our eyes meeting
an ovulation of desire

whilst downtown the poetry is torn from the streets
and rough hands try to silence the sound of water
but they forget that it is shapeless
and used to inhabit their own beings when they were children and unformed

these hands of forgetting fix upon the bodies of young girls
who raise sunflowers for the summer sacrifices
the dried blood has not fed the land for the soil is no more
and it is a djinn tree that grows coldly

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Visit

He said I should have stayed the night
and how can I say that I wanted to but was scared
for my love is so strong how can I leave again if I stay
and does any of this make sense
how can love make one want to be absent
dont you know I just want to be in your arms
yes, you know
and we continue with our seasons
the sun of our returns always so majestic