Thursday, June 6, 2013


And dead I am
suffocated with memories
the traces of your hands
phantasms that I close my eyes to receive
Dead I am covered with a cowl
so noone may see my tears
thirsting to the seeds outside of me
my own unborn children within
Dead I am with lips that utter not one word
and eyes that forget the blue
fields of cornflowers were once my promise
now the rains of Africa upon my soul

And alive I am
breathing with presence
the traces of your hands
verities that I open my eyes to receive
Alive I am uncovered by any hindrance
so all may see my eyes
drinking of the seeds inside of me
my own creations are born
Alive I am with communion
and eyes of topaz blue
fields of cornflowers are my promise
the rains of Africa upon my soul

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let Your Heart Break

Let your heart break and fill the cracks with gold, let your heart break and rub it with salt water for the oceans of time, let your heart break and know that it will never mend, let your heart break and feel its tearing into your very bones, let your heart break and know it is the breaking of everything - from your childhood till now, for every suffering that occurred, for every hope that became a fire, for every death. Let your heart break so that you may know what your heart is. Let your heart break to come closer to Love - for Love is the only way - Love of all sentient beings. Let your heart break to discern what it is to act with honour, respect and clarity and how it feels to receive and how it feels to give and how it feels to be denied such basic rights and honorable practices. Let your heart break because only by allowing it to break do you follow the path of unprotected Love, do you stand naked in the unknown, do you risk everything for the belief in being truly vulnerable and allowing what will come to pass to be, in consciousness and truth, with compassion and kindness. And may one day I be given such kindness and may one day I be awarded such honour and may one day I be awarded such Love. And all is well and will be well*
Tell me, tell me, whisper it well; what are the co-ordinates of an abstract noun in a language with no 'to be'?

How Are You

How are you?

The question reveals layers, skin shedding, memories out
it's all out
it's collecting ahead of itself, unable to look behind
to trail the myths of who has been and watch the coming ones
with their words

I saw you
I see you
the many faces
on walls, in doorways, everywhere
I don't know why

How are you?

I am OK
I am half crazed
I am fabulous
I don't know
I'm changing


I can't keep up
I am lost, never had a compass

I'm tired, want to be held and to be treasured

How are you?

The sky is blue

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Hands Let Go

You stroked a bliss into my being
tell me our nights were a lie
and the lotus called me from her waiting
bidding me to open my heart

So we danced in the river
collecting the stories of salmon
did you not hear them too
their wisdom said to allow

But now the moon turns with only one face
and the night grew cold and starless
the light flew out of my hands
perhaps this heart was a bird

The Circus

Stay alone in your myth
and I will ride in the circus
with the elephant cycling, an umbrella in hand to hide from all that rain that never comes down
and the lions robbed of their power, trapped in their cages
and the clowns crying, wishing to be naked and seen by only the sea
Stay alone in the past
and I will fly the trapeze in green glitter
trying to catch my heart as it falls from the sky
Only the horses are free here, for one moment of fire
see my thighs astride their bare back
Stay alone in your night
and I will sleep with a thousand stars
the sound of the wolves alive in my soul
those moon led magicians with their blood song
alchemical power that kisses the beast