Thursday, June 6, 2013


And dead I am
suffocated with memories
the traces of your hands
phantasms that I close my eyes to receive
Dead I am covered with a cowl
so noone may see my tears
thirsting to the seeds outside of me
my own unborn children within
Dead I am with lips that utter not one word
and eyes that forget the blue
fields of cornflowers were once my promise
now the rains of Africa upon my soul

And alive I am
breathing with presence
the traces of your hands
verities that I open my eyes to receive
Alive I am uncovered by any hindrance
so all may see my eyes
drinking of the seeds inside of me
my own creations are born
Alive I am with communion
and eyes of topaz blue
fields of cornflowers are my promise
the rains of Africa upon my soul

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