Saturday, September 13, 2014

Silver Dress of Tears

Do not weight yourself with your tears
instead let them be a silver dress
a moon kiss

You thought the path went one way
then you found a mountain grove
and sat blissfully doubting everything
an orange in your hand

You were always better than the stars
so why do you keep reaching
The possibilities are spread as wings
here, now, within your outstretched palms

Red Fruits of Autumn

For some Love is like wine, for others like a knife
i want the love that has a red earth singing
and flowers opening in a dance of joy
i want the love that is bathing in the ocean of heart
and is you and i
When i say Love i say look at the sky and all that blue might
i say jump into its star embrace
the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars and all the planets of your birthright
they wish a kiss upon you
You are velvet and jewelled
you are tall grass in summer
you are a beat of fire

This earth wanted you close, to feel your shadow upon her skin
and the winds speak of you with light chatter
i say let us be a Yes stretching the very word out to each corner of the world
until we rightly dissolve into the galaxies of being