Monday, January 6, 2014

Unicorns and Summer

That time of promise
when all felt well
so fragile in its being here

She asks 'When were you the happiest?'
When I watched your sleeping form
your smooth beauty in all its splendour
you, there, staying

and in His arms
those Loves of mine
solid moments of surety
the feeling of completeness one is told about through stories and myth
but mine are serial, none lasting

Yet I gave up happiness
many years ago
in that cafe in Leiden, smoking our grass
drinking our banana shakes through straws
and the man walked off the street proclaiming 'Life is shadow, as well as light, as there is night and day, as there are seasons, so it is'
since then I expected less
though my heart still breathes only for the One
and I chased the endless summer
with ideas of unicorns
and perfect Love