Monday, May 7, 2018

I Am Not A Mermaid

I swim, often alone, into the tireless tide. Most of them can only go so far, most give up after the shallows. It is not me that is demanding. It is what is demanded of them. The truth. Their truth. Perhaps it is the gravity defying realm of water that disallows repression. Perhaps it is the light refracted, pushing a kaleidoscope of reality into their eyes whether they like it or not. Most of the time they don't like it. They swim back.

They say things I don't understand like 'I don't want anything serious'. As if life is only made up of happiness and all conversations are actually soundbites, tweets, meaningless memes. As if feelings are dirty, heavy, dragging entities. As if one can just decide not to have or to have. As if they didn't start saying something else entirely, create something, before a volte-face.

Then there are the ones that say they 'would have', 'if only' and sweeten the death arrow in an attempt to keep things courtly. The thing is.. after their exit.. they leave me in the waters alone too and stop even watching me from the shore.

The politics of desire walk alongside any woman whether she engages or not. There are men whose unconscious does not take over until too late, until you're hooked, usually once then – like a fish on the wire.

'But I always throw them back,' he said.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Difference Between the Planets

All I ever wanted was to meet with Love. Perhaps I was a star caught in your hand, perhaps I was a star, blue, burnt as you dropped me back into the night

Your beloved Pluto, a distance, a cool decision to limit. You began the dance and brought me in close then changed to wrap your cloak around your own self.

My Venus, an embrace, running in summer grass, laughing into the sunshine, a kiss. I was slow to begin then could not stop my falling and my heart opened as a pomegranate to your mouth.

These separate realities now
where before we were one Joy

I reached for you but you kept moving backwards
closing each gate as you went

So Let It Be Unthreaded
For you already threw my gold ribbon away

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sky Breathing

What if a hand came from the sky
and took yours, lifted you and
put you amongst the clouds
What then
Would you want to stay
Would that supreme love be enough

Today you go from one place to another
but do you stop at the door of your own heart
Who is living there?

Every day we are given the grace to live
yet instead we see pain on our brothers' and sisters' faces
Be not the blade that wounds
Be instead the earth that supports

Say the names of love in your heart
Say the names of love in your heart

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Summer is over
and even the trees weep
leaves, under our feet

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Wave

The sea rearranged itself
like the cosmos changing its arena
reassembling the concrete nouns into other forms, still present but unrecognisable
When it came it was not like Hokusai's painting, nor from any film we had seen, it was slow, low and steady
a stealth of black water, cold and carrying our lives
It was a death within life
and we had not seen it upon our palms, nor in any dream
The worst was seeing the mothers, waiting through the night
for the children they said must be up in the mountains and would come down soon
when things were safe
We learnt that day that nothing is ever safe

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Here in this place
putting my trust in wind and water
in serendipity
I turn away from making anything happen

This is my new life
my other lives have been recorded
for anyone to view anytime
I am not re-enacting

I am in a beautiful otherness
perhaps to rejoin elsewhere
or be joined here or somewhere
a planet in an outer circuit

Sometimes I am screaming Find Me
Sometimes I delight in all

Without compulsion nor detachment, there I am, unfinished and inbetween

Straddling Fate.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Language of Absence

I will leave the pressed flower in the book I never read

the one you placed into my hand so many moons ago

your own moon long eclipsed

I cannot now believe I carried those books thousands of miles

and your shadow longer