Friday, August 2, 2019

In the Blood

My love is a Lughnasadh fire, a passion burning, it is a drum in the night, a new moon bell ringing, my love is not complacent nor ordinary, it will not forget to kiss, it take its place and declares all its heart. Late at night. Early in the morning. In the afternoon hours. Its harvest is fecund.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


I touch the air
cool to my fingers
it moves across me
like the sheet we lie under when we are hot from making love
spent and yet so rich

I read an article today
that said if we say 'we' our lives will be better
well, we could do that, couldn't we

But I shall still say I love you
and listen with my greyhound heart when you say you love me

Friday, October 12, 2018


The energy between lovers
Curls out like a ribbon
Its shimmer of light transcending

You are a beautiful thing
and I write this for you, for our kisses and the wonder of union

Such are my words tonight
Such is the true bliss of the heart

Cosmically attuned, soulfully one

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Social Inclusion Zone

excuse me are you in the socially acceptable bring it on bubble got enough of everything don't want have no needs nirvana where the taxes are low and you've got affordable housing and was that your secure relationship I just tripped over as you were showing me your certificate of sanity and all your medical reports state that you have no deteriorating conditions no prescriptions and your family genetic line does not include any blood of another national because well we're quite particular about who is in here in this circle of inclusion oh I'm sorry did you have the impression that you could come in no no no you must stand in line stand in line then make your application in writing with joined up writing yes folks cursive strokes for the boys then fax it after you've looked at our online demands did you hear me I said demands we do not want your type we don't like the look of you we cant understand your accent why don't you just speak English properly and when we said that we had bursaries we meant that we'll give you fuck all

Sunday, August 12, 2018



I love the taste of you
upon my lips
your mouth, a delicious fruit
your skin savoured upon my tongue

I love the touch of you
your hands upon me, fingers unwrapping my delight
our bodies together a symphony
the being of you next to me as a gift

I love the smell of you
scented of gentle ardour, of wilful heat
your laughter and kindness mixed
with savoir faire and cool

I love the sound of you
every syllable
at any time
you are my favourite resonation

I love the feeling of you
that surges through me
that sits in bliss
that brightens my life

Because of all this
A kiss

Monday, May 7, 2018

I Am Not A Mermaid

I swim, often alone, into the tireless tide. Most of them can only go so far, most give up after the shallows. It is not me that is demanding. It is what is demanded of them. The truth. Their truth. Perhaps it is the gravity defying realm of water that disallows repression. Perhaps it is the light refracted, pushing a kaleidoscope of reality into their eyes whether they like it or not. Most of the time they don't like it. They swim back.

They say things I don't understand like 'I don't want anything serious'. As if life is only made up of happiness and all conversations are actually soundbites, tweets, meaningless memes. As if feelings are dirty, heavy, dragging entities. As if one can just decide not to have or to have. As if they didn't start saying something else entirely, create something, before a volte-face.

Then there are the ones that say they 'would have', 'if only' and sweeten the death arrow in an attempt to keep things courtly. The thing is.. after their exit.. they leave me in the waters alone too and stop even watching me from the shore.

The politics of desire walk alongside any woman whether she engages or not. There are men whose unconscious does not take over until too late, until you're hooked, usually once then – like a fish on the wire.

'But I always throw them back,' he said.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Difference Between the Planets

All I ever wanted was to meet with Love. Perhaps I was a star caught in your hand, perhaps I was a star, blue, burnt as you dropped me back into the night

Your beloved Pluto, a distance, a cool decision to limit. You began the dance and brought me in close then changed to wrap your cloak around your own self.

My Venus, an embrace, running in summer grass, laughing into the sunshine, a kiss. I was slow to begin then could not stop my falling and my heart opened as a pomegranate to your mouth.

These separate realities now
where before we were one Joy

I reached for you but you kept moving backwards
closing each gate as you went

So Let It Be Unthreaded
For you already threw my gold ribbon away