Sunday, July 15, 2012

If You Asked Me

If desire sought desire
if with each breath it yearned, and those unanswered wants collected like hopeless butterflies
if its nocturnal wanderings in that darkest forest, within its own shadowed heart were as silent as the feathered exodus of the birds once there
and its tears collected into a downward flowing stream looking into that water
what would its reflection be

A mouth so effortless it called out to be traced by fingers
singing over skin
reading its secrets and outward stories
its cry of loving breaking into the scented eve

And if you asked me of my night in that place
would I say I had seen you
that you smoothed across the length of me and opened my soul

And if I asked you of your night in that place
would you say you had seen me
that I smoothed across the length of you and opened your soul

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