Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Paris

this city has taken me into its jaws open wide red vulva channel of life affirmation to be recited high in a basilica Sacre Coeur pray your heart to divinity oh Jesus place the rosary on my breast and suckle your way back to being a man one could take up a religion in this place of miracles that pours dirt and sex and doing it live because it all tastes so fuckin cool parading like peacocks strutting with hard ons and we mean to go on

high wired with a fierce beauty calling me into the streets to roll the dice with this Lady of Fate into Chinatown and down we go I've seen minotaurs running wild staking their claim in daytime hours and how their thrustings opened my fire

you said we got the so called whores touting for biz down St Denis where Blondie aint in love with no-one but time's ticking at a slowly pace and pimps looking anxious doing their do heh Layla wanted to look at some skirt with her fresh faced innocence cramming to slide and I picked up some polkadot from the curbside out to dry in the setting scene

meanwhile the Tuileries got the white flag sailing no Emile Zola available in this precinct of clean up crew and Balzac never did it like this they were the master writers of these social situations rearing heads and tails get docked like that fucked up cat dog sized neurotica

I'm licked clean by this city of intent licked into being

taken in every way

and Paris is a woman coming with a strength coming with an honesty with liquid heat ambrosia cream to the gods to the gods to the gods can only watch as the mortals get the taste

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