Friday, April 11, 2014

Being Elsewhere

I was born from The Leaving
before I could walk I had travelled across the oceans
my father's diaspora in my veins
my mother's exclusion

in my youth I was a dancing light
a chatter of storytelling
like a changeling found within an urban landscape
always aware that I was part of a place I could never return

and so I wandered
and I was joined by gods and goddesses
by nymphs and satyrs
by fools and poets

we sang to astounding stars
nectar upon our lips
heat within our thighs
a drum in our hearts

yet the dark water overflowed me
and I swallowed my fire's ochre tears
as the thieves took all they wished
my execution forgotten in their damp hands

this city wanted me to pray
it did all it could to put my head to the ground
I cannot reinvent myself
not now

not until the wind comes in the horse's mane
for I have gone far away and noone looks for me
I, unembraced for so long
yearning for a soothing kindness

Love is a ravenous creature tearing the soul

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