Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moon Kiss

  art work by Reda Khalil

The waters glistened, rippling their messages, calling to the moon above with yearnings of desire. The moon in all her beauty stroked their surface, iridescent fingers smoothed and caressed, the water undulated underneath

you are that moon and my being is rising up to kiss your beauty

this is what she said to the night, waking with a snake uncoiled descending with jaws open out of her being

and the night said desire

and we were moon led, seduced by the opal spell, our blood charged with the current of each other

you kissed me

and we danced


a ripe flower, a fruit, a moon fruit, a taste, a wish, a kiss, a night sky song

the sky of me opening into your blue

where is the next kiss? I said

upon St Catherine's, we are dancing under the moon you replied

I want an orchestra, jazz, with saxophone and we agreed and I would wear a red velvet dress and you your blue shirt

For our third kiss let's kiss underwater I said In a magical pool. Our breath never ending

Just as the soul does not end

and a rightful journey will always begin, no matter, no matter

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