Thursday, July 28, 2016

4 Poems Inspired by Joy Wolfenden Brown


Inspired by the painting 'Broken' by Joy Wolfenden Brown

The child is broken
manifesting the familial split
they do not want to admit

becoming onlookers
as lives splinter
and memories shelter
in hand me down clothes outgrown

The child inside moves to speak
but tongue tied with wire
she knows better
than to try

and so expiring before she's flown
eggshells under feet
the fragments of promises lie in a tapestry never given


Inspired by the painting 'Giving and Receiving'
by Joy Wolfenden Brown

almost spirit
the gift of togetherness
lying in dream state


Inspired by the painting 'Brief Visitor' by Joy Wolfenden Brown

little solace in that you were here
a heartbeat
now gone

are you gone?

and yet i still see your promised outline
held in the air
as I trace beauty and fall to
those last moments
listening to

holding wishes before letting go of

you - exiting my body with red sighs
you - a precious gift given and taken back so soon
you - rising above, alone


Inspired by the painting 'Untitled' by Joy Wolfenden Brown


is a face listening to night
with a rose of red holding a blue swirling path of dreaming
conversations of the sleeping
heart beating in two worlds

Indigo seeing

the ones that need
the ones that shine
the ones that will take
the ones that strike out

from mother to mother
from other to other

the unknown is here
with your name written as a bruise
with your name written in stars


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