Thursday, October 18, 2012


I remember that yard with its flags and only the hope of sea felt by its sanded floor and I wanted you to kiss me against those secret keeping walls. In reach of the blossom on the tree, the tender hearts, the yearning lovers, the fallen blood, the African swallows.

In reach of a bridal arch. Hope. A moment. A space. A space between stars. White pearl galaxies that turn into rubies.

My belly was a round cave, a volcano mouth, a fruit's apex
wishing only to eat utopias and leave them once devoured
but I stayed there too long and the current took me into the waiting embrace, that waits for all to drift or step and the face of the moon was chasing me, illusion beckoned, comforted with intimacies, cloaking that need to fly

Wings fluttered as you said your goodbye

and behind us a broken window where an angel fled from the room