Sunday, July 15, 2012

Embrace the Paradox

look left look right look up to find a people laughing your visions have gone all out they run in front of you chastising screaming profanities 'Look out mister-you're sucking dick again!' salivating with laughter they run and you what do you do what do any of us do here in this crazy dog shit place come on in and throw some bread to the rats and stare awhile put your alertness away oh god what to do when the anaesthetist's dead no one gave me a handbook and I can't fly this plane she just wants to be twinkletoes dancing through the night time Parisian streets entrancing the drunks and the lost its with her miraculous hold on the sublime can anyone get a take on freedom is it not a paradox is it not impossible how then does this lightfooted creature skim so effortlessly with such beauty in her heart the pain they feel is our pain they hold it for us at every turn he greets you with your doom the lack you'd have if you let it go god let it go just let it go and embrace embrace embrace the paradox slip and slide and slip and slide and don't look left or right just do it

and she says

the carpet is not red rolling the blood is not free flowing the welcome is short make your own bed and lie in it tell truths in it do what you want in it but don't involve me you've had your comeuppance and now you reach for the bottle the pills and the liquor make a great shade to the Sun to the Sun like Icarus flying yeh dead in the water is where you fall to two hearts beating you got sold a lie like all of us here so you gave it a try well try a little harder try a little more and dare to try outside where you can't park your socially fed conceptions concieve new ones retrieve an understanding from your cells DNA spiral helix way to go baby way to fucking go

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